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Transport of all types LTL and TL

Xtreme International has the requisite expertise and a vast network of certified partners across Canada, the United States and Mexico needed to obtain the best quotes and rates for the delivery of your goods. With several delivery options to choose from, our task is to facilitate and coordinate your company's different types of transport, and also to work at quickly resolving any problem that may arise. Always proactive and in tune with the market, our team provides you with cutting-edge technology that lets you know the location of your goods, at all times. Indeed, because we developed such a flexible system and efficient networks, we can offer premium service quality and safety. Take advantage of our 24-48 hour pickup guarantee, and this, across Canada, the United States and Mexico.


An efficient team providing you with a complete turnkey solution to meet all of your needs.

The strengths of The group Xtreme

Doing business with The Group Xtreme means choosing a personalized and flexible customer service that will exceed your expectations.

It is also opting for a reliable team and solutions that will offer you the best value for money:

  • 24/7 availability;
  • The industry’s best fleet of trucks—nearly 40 trucks and 50 trailers—and state-of-the-art equipment;
  • More than 350 prequalified partners;
  • A team that cares about your image and pays particular attention to the drivers’ presentation;
  • A promise of a pickup that is made within 24 to 48 hours everywhere in Canada, in the USA and in the world;
  • Fast response to quotations (get a price in 30 minutes maximum);
  • A personalized connection to our website (access your orders, your proof of delivery, your transactions, etc.).
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The logistics

In view of coordinating your company's different types of transportation, our team of experts chooses the best course of action to ship your goods efficiently and at competitive rates. Our experienced professionals oversee planning and implementation to ensure that nothing is left up to chance.

  • Determining clients needs and demands
  • Choosing the most efficient and competitive transport method
  • Route planning and schedule
  • Pickup
  • Traceability system and automated tracking
  • Delivery

A full range
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meet all of
your needs.

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  • Road management | Supply chain | Distribution | 4PL
    Our Work Methods

    Attentive to your needs, we can provide you with a turnkey solution.

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  • Gestion de transport | Chaine d'approvisionnement | Équipe
    Our Work Methods

    Our team of analysts choose a transportation method at the most competitive price.

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  • Online GPS tracking | Road transportation | International
    Our Work Methods

    Thanks to our cutting-edge traceability system, we can rigorously track your goods at each movement phase to ensure on-time delivery.

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Always aiming to exceed your expectations, we strive to respect deadlines while maximizing efficiency and reducing costs in the logistics supply chain. You can trust our proactive team, flexible service and our reliable, efficient network.

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  • 24/7 emergency

  • 24-hour pickup

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