4PL Logistics

Innovative solutions for your entire supply chain
The Group Xtreme

Complete supply management tailored to your situation

Enjoy efficient and personalized distribution around the world with The Groupe Xtreme comprehensive 4PL logistics service. Leader in transportation and customer service, we will act as a true partner throughout the logistics process of your supply chain to ensure that its management is optimal and complete, and its costs, reduced. The Groupe Xtreme comes up with transit solutions, provides a 4PL logistics service, and achieves, among other things, LTL and FTL freight services, storage, assembly, handling, and consulting using advanced technology and promoting sustainable development. Choosing our 4PL logistics service means guaranteeing you absolute peace of mind!


Our 4PL logistics service is much more than an innovative service!

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4PL Logistics

What are the benefits
of working with us?

  • A true partner

  • Complete management

  • Solution designer

  • Low costs

  • Advanced technology

The group Xtreme

More than 120
countries served!

The Group Xtreme

For all your logistics needs

Leave the management of your supply chain with us, we’ll take care of it from A to Z, thereby ensuring that associated costs are minimized. The Groupe Xtreme’s flexible and efficient service guarantees performance at all levels.

  • LTL and FTL
  • Storage
  • Assembly
    and handling
  • Consulting
    and solutions